Tenant management app for busy landlords

Property Management Software

Seamless rent collection, maintenance management and tenant communication on desktop or mobile

Property Management Software

Seamless rent collection, maintenance management and tenant communication on desktop or mobile

Gridizen tracks cashflows for landlords to ensure tenant rent payments are automatically reconciled.

Deposits automatically sent to deposit protection scheme, ensuring deposits are secured without the need for extra admin.

Tenants immediately report maintenance issues through their phone and landlords forward them to the relevant contractors. Both parties can easily track progress.

Gridizen empowers landlords and tenants with a truly mobile solution. All services are integrated in one simple app.

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One app to manage rent for all your properties

Gridizen’s landlord management features give you everything you need to stay on top of your portfolio. Gridizen sends tenant deposits automatically to deposit protection schemes and collects your rent safely and securely.

Auto-reconciliation of rent gives peace of mind there’ll be no errors to clean up afterwards, while notifications keep you updated on successful payments. All notifications are fully customisable for each property, so you can set as many or as little as you need.

Property Management Software

Resolve maintenance issues efficiently

When there is a problem, tenant-landlord communication is of paramount importance. But sometimes it can be difficult for landlords to interact with tenants in a timely fashion, especially across multiple properties. Luckily, Gridizen’s maintenance reporting is here to help.

From the moment a tenant reports a problem, Gridizen helps you get organised. By enabling you to add contractors to the maintenance platform, Gridizen sends automatic updates to the tenant when you instruct a contractor to fix a problem.

With easy email and SMS integration, Gridizen facilitates direct communication between all parties throughout the process. Gridizen’s own maintenance communication platform ensures everyone can easily follow the thread of the conversation and stay up to date with progress.

Property Management Software
Property Management Software App

All-inclusive landlord platform to use on the go

Upload multiple properties to Gridizen and see how easy it is to manage your whole portfolio inside one single app. Gridizen’s bulk upload facility makes it a synch to upload and organise all documentation related to each property. Avoid liability by setting alerts to notify you when safety certificates are due for renewal.

The Gridizen dashboard enables you to monitor smart devices in your property(s). Keep an eye on energy usage and receive notifications of warnings & alarms in real time.

All features are available in one mobile property app. Whether you’re on the move or administering your property(s) on site, Gridizen has your back.

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