Fully comprehensive estate agent platform

Mobile App for Landlords

One property management app to keep track of landlords & tenants, with special add ons to ensure you stay safe and compliant across an entire portfolio.

Mobile App for Landlords

One property management app to keep track of landlords & tenants, with special add ons to ensure you stay safe and compliant across an entire portfolio.

Centralised shared storage makes it easy for tenants to access documents. Specialist landlord tracking tools give notifications when certificates are up for renewal.

Smart smoke and leak detectors offer peace of mind and maximum safety for property managers and tenants.

Connect all smart devices and keep track of their usage. True home integration at the touch of a button!

Be more productive with Gridizen’s integrated calendar tailored specifically for landlords.

Property Management Software


Take full control of multiple tenants and landlords with a fully integrated calendar and note-taking facility. Tailored specifically for agents and housing associations who manage multiple properties in different locations, Gridizen’s smart calendar integrates seamlessly with our property management platform.

Schedule viewings, create notes and keep track of maintenance progress in one dynamic calendar. You can also set company goals and assign tasks to colleagues.

The Gridizen calendar contains specific event tags such as “Move in/Move out”, “Inspections” and “Finance” so you can quickly summarise your past and future activity in each key area of property management.

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Multi-tenant platform

Gridizen’s comprehensive tenant management features enable you to manage the whole tenancy process inside our app.

Tenant onboarding is a synch thanks to Gridizen’s tenant experience features. Upload all relevant documents to one easy-to-use digital platform and your tenants will be ready to move in. All tenant documents can be shared easily with housing associations, landlords or any other relevant party.

Once a tenant has moved in, Gridizen makes it easy to keep track of their rental history and any issues they raise.

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Property Management Software App

Health & safety compliance and smart devices

All manuals and safety certificates are stored in one easy-to-navigate place. If a document is lost or destroyed it can be replaced immediately. Legally required documents such as Gas Safety certificates can be accessed easily.

When onboarding a tenant, simply double check the safety certificates linked to the property are up to date. These certificates can be checked on an ongoing basis across an entire portfolio or development.

Use the Gridizen dashboard to keep track of all smart devices in a property. Gridizen will notify you of any warnings/alarms as they happen, and will track all energy usage in real time.

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