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Gridizen is a 360° solution designed to help all parties create a harmonious living experience. The tenant platform empowers tenants to raise issues with their landlord/property manager and interact with their neighbours, while the landlord platform completes the circle by providing all the necessary tools to solve problems and communicate properly.

Despite such an extensive range of functionality across property management and tenant interaction, Gridizen is a truly mobile app. Landlords and tenants can interact on the go while Gridizen saves and organises the correspondence in an intuitive way. Even after months or years of non-communication, both parties can easily pick up where they left off.

community first


Cost effectively manage your properties from marketing and lettings through to end of tenancy.

Control and manage your smart devices, including keyless entry, temperature control and more.

Explore offers and services from local businesses such as cleaning and gym memberships.

Connect with local residents, share knowledge, arrange events and be part of a community.


“Once my landlord invited me to use Gridizen I was able to report issues and have them resolved faster. I had access to my local community which made things like finding a decent babysitter easy!”

Sally Burrows - London

“I reported a leak to my landlord via the app and he responded within 5 minutes to say a plumber was on the way - how cool is that? No waiting for third party agents”

Pip Wiltshire - London

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