Resident engagement

Building communities with long-term renters and conscientious property management

community first

Empowering communities

Gridizen is more than just a property management app. We are here to build communities. How? By giving everyone the means to talk to each other.

Our local discussion forums are a great place for tenants to get to know one another and for landlords/property managers to keep their finger on the pulse of what is going on in their community(s).

Use our specially curated community features and become part of a new way of living.

community first


Automatically generate tenant satisfaction reports and analyse the results. Understand the true tenant experience.

Real-time ESG dashboards enable landlords to track the performance of portfolios of any size. Gridizen uses The Good Economy’s data standards for the most accurate ESG reports.

Tenants immediately report maintenance issues through their phone and landlords forward them to the relevant contractors. Both parties can easily track progress.

Gridizen empowers landlords and tenants with a truly mobile solution. All services are integrated in one simple app.


“Gridizen has proved to be a useful intuitive tool in providing both support to our organisation and in providing valuable feedback from our residents.   It even automates ESG reporting, which is an unique feature of this system“

Christopher Downing - Founder, Karla Homes