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ESG Performance Report
ESG Performance Report
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Tenant satisfaction

Gridizen has all the tools you need to engage with tenants and fully understand the quality of their living experience from their point of view. Use our survey builder to quickly create tenant satisfaction questionnaires, and automate them to be sent at times of your choosing. Gridizen takes care of everything so there is no need to wade through email lists or seek out contact details for individual tenants.

Gridizen also helps you analyse the results. Our tenant survey platform summarises all data in real time in easy-to-understand reports that are fully customisable depending on your reporting preferences.

community first


Landlords build thriving communities with Gridizen’s tenant engagement features. Landlord and tenant relationships improve with seamless interaction.

Gridizen empowers landlords and tenants with a truly mobile solution. All services are integrated in one simple app.

Tenants immediately report maintenance issues through their phone and landlords forward them to the relevant contractors. Both parties can easily track progress.

Real-time ESG dashboards enable landlords to track the performance of portfolios of any size. Gridizen uses The Good Economy’s data standards for the most accurate ESG reports.

ESG Performance Report

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