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Data Collection & ESG Reports

Effective ESG reporting is essential for any social housing provider these days. Gridizen’s ESG metrics (based on the Good Economy’s data standard) measure your environmental performance in real time and plug in to our smart reporting features.

Gridizen’s dashboard makes it easy to stay on top of ESG reporting requirements by offering a range of PDF reports that you can create at the touch of a button. As data is captured remotely from the smart devices in your properties, Gridizen automatically generates your sustainability ratings and gives you the power to analyse overall performance across multiple properties.

community first


Landlords build thriving communities with Gridizen’s tenant engagement features. Landlord and tenant relationships improve with seamless interaction.

Automatically generate tenant satisfaction reports and analyse the results. Understand the true tenant experience.

Connect all smart devices and keep track of their usage. True home integration at the touch of a button!

Gridizen tracks cashflows for landlords to ensure tenant rent payments are automatically reconciled.


“Gridizen has proved to be a useful intuitive tool in providing both support to our organisation and in providing valuable feedback from our residents.   It even automates ESG reporting, which is an unique feature of this system“

Christopher Downing - Founder, Karla Homes

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