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Use Gridizen to control and monitor all your smart home devices.

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ESG Consulting
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Smart homes of the future

Gridizen’s smart home integrations give you the power to operate all your smart devices remotely. This is a great timesaver. Imagine being able to let people in and out of a property without needing to be there yourself? Gridizen makes it possible.

Another invaluable benefit is the ability to keep track of energy usage and appliance health in real time. Gridizen offers an at-a-glance summary of all smart devices, and you can even receive notifications when alarms or warnings are activated.

All data from devices/appliances is collected and summarised in a specialist ESG dashboard, ensuring you stay safe and compliant at all times.

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Real-time ESG dashboards enable landlords to track the performance of portfolios of any size. Gridizen uses The Good Economy’s data standards for the most accurate ESG reports.

Smart smoke and leak detectors offer peace of mind and maximum safety for property managers and tenants.

Be more productive with Gridizen’s integrated calendar tailored specifically for landlords.

Gridizen empowers landlords and tenants with a truly mobile solution. All services are integrated in one simple app.

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