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ESG Consulting
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Improve safety and wellbeing

The safety and security of our tenants is paramount. That’s why Gridizen provides smart smoke & leak detectors that can be monitored and controlled remotely. As a property manager you have the peace of mind that your occupants are safe, and thanks to Gridizen, you will be alerted immediately if something goes wrong.

Gridizen’s property management software gives you access to real-time performance data on all smart devices. Keep an eye on energy usage and resolve minor issues before they become anything more serious.

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Real-time ESG dashboards enable landlords to track the performance of portfolios of any size. Gridizen uses The Good Economy’s data standards for the most accurate ESG reports.

Gridizen empowers landlords and tenants with a truly mobile solution. All services are integrated in one simple app.

Connect all smart devices and keep track of their usage. True home integration at the touch of a button!

Centralised shared storage makes it easy for tenants to access documents. Specialist landlord tracking tools give notifications when certificates are up for renewal.

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