Gridizen chooses MiHome smart home technology for bold new property management concept

Gridizen and MiHome have partnered up on a bold new property management concept using MiHome’s smart home technology to connect landlords to their tenants on a new property development in London, revolutionising the way tenants interact with their communities.

With smart home growth in the UK up 35% in volume between 2017 and 2018, MiHome makes it easier and more convenient for tenants, household-owners and landlords to control their heating, lighting and appliances remotely through the free MiHome app whilst also making energy-savings and cutting costs on their bills.

The Amazon Alexa-compatible MiHome smart home products were installed throughout the three properties based in Lower Road, London, including the MiHome Smart Thermostat and Relay to control heating, MiHome smart sockets in the kitchens, bedrooms and living areas to manage appliances, and MiHome light switches across all rooms. Of the four finishes available, Gridizen opted for MiHome’s popular Chrome finish bringing a contemporary feel to the interior design that also co-ordinated with the existing non-smart home fittings.

‘This is a unique opportunity for MiHome’s leading smart home technology to be integrated with Gridizen’s innovative streamlined service that connects landlords and tenants to make property management better. We at MiHome are proud to be involved in this revolutionary new property management concept.’

– Oliver Tadd, Commercial Director

Gridizen is a bold new property management concept that focuses on:

Property Management – cost effectively manage your properties from marketing and lettings through to the end of tenancy.

Marketplace – explore offers and services from local businesses such as dry celaners, gym memberships and etc

Community – Connect to local residents to share knowledge, arrange events and be part of the community

Portal – search for or market vacant properties on popular online portals.

Smart Home – Control and manage your smart devices, including keyless entry, temperature control, lights etc.

Gridizen’s app integrates with and controls a vast range of different smart home devices, one of them is Mi|Home.  We offer smart home bundles containing a range of easily installed devices, which can be retrofitted quickly and cheaply.  Our selected devices help residents, whether they’re a tenant or an owner.  Landlords and property managers can also benefit from our smart home solution – smart locks and keyless entry lead to a significant deduction in management costs, and smart water detectors which detect leaks before they spread can save thousands in insurance fees.  We also offer a smart home dashboard via app for property managers, so you can quickly onboard new tenants with their smart locks and temperature control.


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