Boost Efficiency in ESG Reporting through Automation

Reduce cost and expand ESG capabilities.
We produce a report inline with the Sustainability
Reporting Standards (SRS)

Reinvent reporting with advanced data intelligence

Gridizen’s dashboard makes it easy to stay on top of ESG reporting requirements by offering a range of reports that you can create at the touch of a button

ESG Data
Collection & Analysis

After signing a data transfer security agreement, our expert analysts collect and analyse your qualitative data, whilst our proprietary algorithms thoroughly analyse your quantitative data.

ESG Performance Report

Maximise return on investment and use Gridizen to prepare your ESG report within weeks not months. Share this report with stakeholders to focus on key areas. Saves time, money and creates focus before paying for consultants or advisors.

Expert Team

With experience in property management, corporate governance and social value in housing, our team are uniquely suited to support housing associations with all matters of ESG. We are partners with:

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